I am from upstate NY and I travel to Arlington from time to time for work. BGR is across the street and honestly…hands down the best burger, fries, and shake I have ever had. The service is exceptional and the food is always consistent (extremely important). I work in customer service as a quality analyst and this is how it is done right. I was telling the person at the register (Michael) that we need a place like this in upstate NY near the SUNY campus. They love burgers there and you can take the likes of Juicy Burger and Five Guys to school. I watched the BGR staff go the extra mile for their customers, including myself. I'm home now and already missing your great food and outstanding service. I now tell everyone about BGR. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Sue Stark

I hope you don't mind if I blog with food in my mouth. I am stuffing my face with the best veggie burger I have ever had in my life. As soon as I finish I'm going to race over to the BGR burger joint in Bethesda and ask the guy who made it to run away with me. If you live in the Washington area you've probably read about BGR. It's a burger joint on Fairmont Avenue that has critics from the Washington Post to GQ Magazine wetting their pants as they gasp about an American staple taking them to heights of ecstasy. This is burger porn, people. I'm a vegetarian and I have choked on my share of dried multi-grained pale yellow slabs. And if it prevents animal suffering then, my god, I'll choke them down with joy. But the veggie burger from BGR is a char-broiled, plant-based wonder so deliciously evil that I need to channel Eartha Kitt as Catwoman to truly express how it makes me feel. Grrrrrrrrreeeeeowwwwlll. Hang on, I gotta dig up my bustier. BGR is not a vegetarian restaurant. It's a burger joint that offers sublime veggie options. There's the brown rice and black bean burger (purrrrr), amazing french fries, sweet potato fries and simply grilled asparagus (mmmmmm).

Wendy Rieger, NBC4

Hi! I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that I've had my share of burgers and sliders from DC to Detroit and today was my first visit to your store – at the Bethesda location… the sliders were cooked as requested – medium and they were still hot when I returned to the office to eat them; the buns were soft and magnificent, and the fries… well, I am not a "fry girl" but damn – they were fantastic too! Oh, and the gentleman who answered the phones (I didn't catch his name, sorry) that took our order (at approx. 12:30PM) had great customer service skills – which is usually harder to find than a decent burger! You are on to something here =) Keep up the great work! We will be back. Thank you! Best regards,


I like a good burger. Good is usually the best that I hope for. Fuddruckers? Big and fatty. Clyde's and Hamburger Hamlet? Ho-hum, and what's the big deal about chain-burgers at Five Guys? My burgers are better than the above, but BGR, The Burger Joint is the best that I've had. Flavorful without grease. I shared a cheeseburger and December's special, Wellington Burger, with my girlfriend. I'd been afraid that I wouldn't be able to finish a rich, upscale burger at four in the afternoon. No problem, not even with the superbly fried sweet potato fries, which suck at most places. The Hook and Ladder didn't fill me up, either. The cheeseburger was great without any of the quality condiment that they have at each table. December's Wellington was fantastic. Get one before they're gone. I'm afraid that my 4's and 5's may become unbelievable, but I do my best to go to places that sound like they won't disappoint me, don't you? I'll be going back the next time that I want a burger, and the next time, I'm having a milkshake!


This was the ulimate fast burger experience for me, and I will be back. Delicious, tender, charbroiled taste? Check Good fries? Check. Ambiance, including the 80's pop paraphanelia? Check. Innovative burger and topping recipes? Check. It's heavenly indulgence. For the type of restaurant this is — fast food, this place really raises the bar. True, it is not cheap, but the lunch box special is a good deal.


My mouth was watering so much that I almost had to vomit. I got about half way home before I lost all self control and put the bag of sweet potato fries with rosemary and garlic to my face like a horse's feed bag. I love Five Guys. I love Fuddruckers. But I really love BGR. Is BGR more expensive? Yes, but oh so worth it. Burgers and fries (regular or sweet potato) cooked to order with optional toppings available for the fries (and I don't mean flavored powders, I mean actual sprigs of rosemary and cloves of garlic). The selection is you traditional burger, cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger, etc but they also have a few special eats. The burger I had (the greek – a lamb burger) was amazing and worth the $$. I'll be trying the Cuban next (pulled pork and ham and all things deliciously heart clogging). Did I mention the sweet potato fries topped with garlic and rosemary? Thats how the boss-man suggested I have them and he couldn't have been more right. If it weren't for my Nationals tickets being right in front of them I might not ever have a Five Guys burger again.


Nate, This is a first. I've never written after going to a restaurant before, but I just had to after my visit yesterday afternoon. It was amazing! I came in for the first time with my 10 month old son in tow. The place looked great, everyone was friendly, and the order process was quick and easy. I was busy dancing around to the music with my laughing son while he pointed out pictures or mosaic tabletops he wanted to check out (he's too young to talk) while the food cooked. He was entertained, and I was having a great time. The food came out quickly — my Wellington, my wife's bacon cheeseburger, a milkshake and fries and was packed to go. A member of the staff held the door for me on the way out, making my exit much easier with one hand on the food and the other on the stroller. And then, the best part, when we got home, the food was AMAZING! All of it. Every bit. I put a note on my facebook page saying how much I loved it and recommending that friends drop everything and go themselves to try it out. I can't wait to come back and try more burgers! Thanks so much,



Ever since your free burger promotion in Old Town last year, The Burger Joint has become a weekly tradition of amazing service, burgers, shakes, and sides for our family. Unfortunately, Booz Allen is moving me to Kentucky at the beginning of next month, so I will have to bid Bon Voyage to your great staff, and your wonderful food. I hope we can squeeze in a few more visits before we leave, because we have had nothing but great experiences. Thanks for all you do, and I can only hope we can find a place half as good as The Burger Joint over there.


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