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Big Things Happening at BGR

‘BGR’ is the core of our brand name ‘BGR the Burger Joint®’, a brand we have operated since 2008. As we introduce our new Brand Positioning, ‘BGR’ remains as the core of our new brand name: ‘BGR – Burgers Grilled Right®’. ‘Grilled Right’ is an essential part of our core positioning – as our burgers –and our Masterpieces and Signature Specialties – are grilled on an open flame, and cooked to order and to temperature.


Our restaurant concept is based on perfecting the art of grilling – and has been supported by the many awards we are privileged to have won. All new BGR restaurants will open under ‘BGR – Burgers Grilled Right®’; and, over time, existing BGR restaurants will be remodeled and transitioned to ‘BGR – Burgers Grilled Right®’.


BGR restaurants are not all owned by BGR. Local owners operate BGR restaurants in their communities – your communities. Some of our existing ‘BGR the Burger Joint’ restaurants will serve our new menu before there is a change in that location’s brand name and/or a remodeling is initiated.


Our Locations & Menus Page will identify each location’s branding and whether the new menu is being served.

Famous Lineup of Featured Burgers and Shakes

Throughout the year, we rotate specialty burgers. Sometimes they are so loved, they become everyday menu items:

Chili Mac Burger

Chili Mac

Korean BBQ Burger

Korean BBQ

Reuben Burger

The Reuben

Featured specialty burgers: In Guac We Trust, Hawaiian, The Gobbler, Caprese, Buffalo Blue, Red, White and Blue, Chili Mac, AuPoivre, Sriracha Me Crazy, and many more!

And because ice cream is a year-round favorite, our lineup of specialty shakes are also featured:

Chili Mac Burger

Cherry Blossom

Korean BBQ Burger

Key Lime

Reuben Burger


Featured shakes: Irish Cream, Cherry Blossom, Blueberry, Key Lime, Gingerbread, Pumpkin Pie, Coffee and Donuts, Apple Pie, Orange Dreamsicle, Mint Chip, Egg Nog, Pina Colada, Peach, and Chocolate Covered Strawberry

BGR’s vision for it’s future has arrived:

  • Test Kitchen
  • BGR Concept 1 - Simple
  • BGR Concept 2 - Passionate
  • Interior Kitchen 2
  • New Menu 1
  • New Menu 2

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